Promotion Bundle : Sanremo Cube R + Fiorenzato Allground

By Sanremo Coffee Machines


For Sanremo cube R details, pls refer to individual product page.

Allground’s adjustment collar offers a range of settings with markers for “espresso,” “moka” and “filter.” The grinder’s body, offered in numerous colors and materials, houses a set of 64-millimeter, titanium-coated, flat M340 steel burrs designed specifically for this grinder, according to the company. The burrs are expected to grind up to 1,400 kilograms of coffee before requiring replacement.

Grinds from the Allground will issue either directly into a portafilter or into an included bin for drip or moka brews. The hopper is designed to hold 250 grams of coffee, and the company told DCN it will soon release a “puffer,” or bellows accessory, for users wishing to use the Allground as a low-retention single-dose grinder.

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