Sanremo Verona

By Sanremo Coffee Machines


The Verona SED model is classic retro with an iconic American elegance, Verona quality.

Please enquire for the price of the 4 GR model


  • New hydraulic multi-boiler system with PID control - constant controllable and precise temperature stability (within 0.2°c)

  • Full control of time and pressure for the soft, pre-infusion step - allows programming the water to be pumped to the group head at 3 bar pressure

  • Energy efficient with savings of 25% to 35% - just a few minutes for the group and coffee circuit to be at the right temperature

  • Displays information - espresso shot time, time group temperature, group boiler set temp, steam boiler temp, water level, along with vital programming and management tools

  • Pre-infusion control - adjustable needle valve allows the barista to set water pressure prior to infusion

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